Always Check Your Car’s Condition Before It Hits The Road

It is advisable that you should have a regular check-up with your car or your vehicle every month, at least, to check if it is in its top condition. On June 2009, Mr. Michael Ross from Carlisle who is 46 years old and is a local government response driver for AMEY was able to receive a compensation of five thousand pounds because of his whiplash injury. Days before the fated road accident, Mr. Ross has requested a check up on his van a couple of times from his employer because he felt that there was definitely something wrong the brakes. However, time and time again his employer said everything was fine until one day when the brakes stopped working which left Mr. Ross at a problematic situation. In the end, he crashed into the back of another car and later on started to feel symptoms of a whiplash injury like neck and back pain. After that Mr. Ross had the van checked by the company fitter and it was found out that two of the discs had completely seized which made this the cause of the accident.

Getting into a road accident such as this is most distressing knowing that after all, your hunch has been right all along and to think that before this all happened you hope there is a vindication to your belief. If you have got a whiplash injury due to it, then you must think about making a whiplash claim a whiplash compensation is part of what you need to cope with your injury and the recovery it entails you to. Whiplash compensation claims, though many are made every day, are accessible if you have a good lawyer with you. Make it and justify your suffering.