More Information About Whiplash Injury

Now you know how a whiplash injury can be obtained through a car crash accident, you may be wondering how this occurs and how it injures you. A long time ago it was believed to be a result of swift shift of the neck from hyperextension to hyperflexion but due to the findings of teams of Panjabi, Panjabi and Kaneoka it was found that an S-shape curvature of the neck occurs even at the speed of 2.5 mph and this is the most probable mechanism of the whiplash injury. This action causes tearing of the ligaments surrounding the neck and also changes in the muscles, disks and delicate nerves supporting the neck, this may leave you with neck pain. The sad fact about this whiplash injury, when obtained, is that it does not disappear on its own, it needs physical therapies and other treatments that your physician can recommend. It has been a finding in a research that forty percent of the over-all population who have a whiplash injury can have this as a chronic condition, meaning, it will probably troublesome for work and other daily activities since pain is a great stressor. Whiplash claims are made to counteract this predicament since making this is soliciting a whiplash compensation from the car insurance company. It is required that you are the victim of this car crash accident and that there is a known liable party. Both the liable person’s insurance company and your insurance company should be informed about your accident so that it would be a little easier to make that claim.