What You Need To Know About The Cars For Your Future

When the whiplash injury was proven and its mechanism has been finalized, a lot of people took advantage of this, one of them are the car companies. It has been proven and tested by car crash experts that the two pioneers for whiplash prevention are the Swedish car companies, Volvo and Saab. The very important feature of the cars that these to companies produce is the head restraints which protects the head from hyperextending during a rear-end collision. They also have seatbacks that have crossbars and padding that is designed to absorb energy when you are in a crash and cradle the occupant’s torso. According to the Trauma Journal on 2001, Saab’s active head restraint reduces chances of getting whiplash injury by seventy-five percent. It is considerable that cars that are bought from these two Swedish car companies is a great investment for your future and reduces your future expenses with regards to neck injuries. Whiplash claims http://www.whiplashclaims.org/whiplash-compensation-claims, on the other hand, are necessary for people who feel that they are experiencing symptoms of a whiplash injury. The whiplash compensation http://www.whiplashclaims.org/whiplash-compensation, once granted by the court and a settlement is reached by the car insurance company and the one making the claim, will compensate all the salaries that you missed due to your absence at work and also it will cover all your present and future medical expenses. It is very much required that the cause of the accident is the negligence of another person, or the person who bumped into you. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting your whiplash compensation.